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What is RankBrain and why it is so important for SEO


RankBrain is a Google algorithm that is self-learning with artificial intelligence.

If you are serious about SEO for your project, be sure to understand the Rankbrain algorithm, as Google has declared it the third most important ranking signal. And every day its weight is growing.

Google conducted a test by asking a team of engineers to determine the best page for a particular query.
RankBrain was given the same task. The algorithm handled 10% better than engineers:


How Google worked before RankBrain

Before RankBrain, Google scanned the pages to determine if they contained the exact keyword that the user was searching for. The words were completely new to the algorithm, and Google could only guess what the user really meant.

For example, if you were looking for a "gray console designed by Sony" - Google was looking for pages that contain the words "gray", "console", "designed", "Sony". Today, Rankbrain already understands exactly what you mean and will give you a 100% accurate result.

Google used to map search query words to words on site pages in its index. Now - Rankbrain is behaving the way a person would behave - he's trying to figure out what you really meant. How does he do it? Identifies words that the algorithm has never seen with words that have already been mentioned in the search.


The key to RankBrain is user satisfaction with search results

That is, how the user interacted with the results of the issue and the site directly. Key factors:

  • CTR (clickthrough rate to site snippet impressions in SERP);
  • Dwell time (time that the user spent on the site after the transition from issuance and before returning back to the SERP);
  • Pogo Sticking (Google compares user interaction with different delivery results on the same search query to find the one that best suits the user);
  • Bounce Rate.

To get a good result - work on the following factors. How exactly? Answer👇

User intent / Pogo Sticking 


  • Rankbrain understands the user's intentions, as a result there is no need to create a large array of pages for ultra-low-frequency queries - Google still understands that all these queries are about the same thing. Therefore, in the selection of keywords, you need to shift your attention from long tail to medium-frequency keywords and prepare bulky content for them, which comprehensively reveals the topic.
2. Increase your CTR


  • Don't forget to optimize the description tag.
  • Add special characters (parentheses, arrows, asterisks, etc. - they increase CTR).
  • Use numbers.
  • Use emotional words and questions in the headlines.
3. Dwell Time / Bounce Rate


  • The user should quickly find the answer to their search query on the page.
  • Divide the material into sections with easy navigation (for example, as in Wikipedia).
  • Use short introductions, a maximum of 5-10 sentences.

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