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Branding for KRYS

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KRYS is a young Ukrainian brand of high quality waterproofing materials. The company's products have successfully passed thousands of laboratory, industrial and practical tests.

Our goal

| Identity development, branding. Visualize the association: reliable protection against water and moisture is KRYS


During the audit of the previous logo, we identified the following inconsistencies with the client's task:

  • the absence of a logomark that would convey the message of reliable protection against water;
  • too generalized descriptor;
  • stylistically outdated graphics and colors.

When developing the logomark, we decided to portray the impotence of the water element in front of high-quality waterproofing. To do this, use the appropriate colors:
blue - water, red - line of defense. We also added a descriptor that finalizes the logo as a whole.

In the corporate pattern, consisting of a combination of red, white and blue lines, we visualized the concept of opposition to KRYS waterproofing and the elements of water. Their combination in various combinations on all carriers illustrates the reliability of KRYS waterproofing against the elements.

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