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Brand recognition

Your product or service will be in demand
when they know about it.



Low awareness among the target audience is one of the main problems that brands and companies face.
This, in turn, negatively affects loyalty and sales.
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Increase awarenessWhen it is necessary

Launching a new

For a new product or service to be successful, you need to make a name for yourself among your customers.

Growth points


If you hit the ceiling, you need to expand the market and audience through new customers


According to research, a recognizable brand has a multiple of the best conversion/sales rate

Loyalty increase

A loyal customer to the brand is a new opportunity. Your brand is recommended to friends and acquaintances, trust in the company grows, additional cross-sales appear

Unified strategyAdvertising in all channels

How do we do it

A single strategy across all communication channels


Native articles in the most popular online publications about the brand, its philosophy, advantages.

Video advertising in Google DV360,
Smart TV and YouTube Ads

Video advertising is one of the best tools for building brand awareness, and precise targeting capabilities allow you to show your brand's ads to your target audience.

Influence marketing

People trust people :)
Native integrations with famous bloggers your customers follow.

Social networks

4 hours - that's how much time people spend on social networks every day. Your service or product should communicate as often as possible, emphasizing its benefits and value for the client.

What will you get

  • Audience research and media strategy
  • Integrated media campaign across all communication channels
  • Growth of brand awareness
  • Increasing the number of customers and sales
from 80 000 ₴

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