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If a company is not on social networks, it is not on the market. We will help you create and maintain your social media pages, develop an SMM strategy together, create a content plan, write interesting publications, and work on engaging and maintaining customer loyalty to your company.


RecognitionWhy is it necessary

Brand recognition

Every day, millions of users spend up to 5 hours on social networks, this is a great opportunity to talk about your brand and interest the client.

Direct contact with the client

Almost all of your current and potential customers are in social networks, social networks provide an opportunity for direct communication with the client.


Customers can provide quick feedback about your service or product in real time, this will make you even better.

Loyalty and trust

Active social networks increase the reputation, level of trust and loyalty of the client to the brand, which ultimately leads to an increase in sales of your services or products.

Flexible ratesPrice

Basic (Facebook+Instagram)

8 creative posts per month, moderation of comments and messages, page administration

18 000 ₴

Standard (Facebook+Instagram)

12 creative posts per month, 7 stories, moderation of comments and messages, page administration, publication boost, monthly reporting

30 000 ₴

Individual strategy

This can be one or more social networks, an individual number of posts and stories, the creation of media content (photos, videos), collaborations with bloggers, etc.


AdvantagesIt's convenient with us

on ecommerce

We know everything about the promotion of online stores. We have experience working with various niches, we know what works and what to do.
Everything is measured, calculated and optimized.

for the result

We are ready to achieve the agreed KRI with reference to payment for our services.

Transparent pricing

You will understand in detail what work we perform, what is the use of them and how the cost of the service is formed.

A responsibility
for the whole project

We like to accompany the project in a comprehensive manner, it is convenient for you, and we, in turn, are responsible for the result.

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SMM promotion

The importance of social networks for a modern person is colossal - it is an integral part of life. Facebook, Instagram, TikTok today are increasingly competing with each other and with Google in various aspects. For example, most of the news traffic (clicks to the site) in the world is provided by Zuckerberg's creations. The same goes for mobile advertising.

The global task of social networks is to close all the online processes of human life on itself.
SMM or social marketing is about bringing attention to a product, brand or service through social media content. The correct use of social networks will bring tangible benefits to the business.

What are the main tasks SMM solves for business?
- Find a potential consumer among users of the social network.
- Draw his attention to the product / service.
- Make sure you need it.
- Constantly maintain communication with the consumer.
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