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SEO for Kovalska Real Estate

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80% of keywords in TOP Google


Kovalska Real Estate is a well-known metropolitan brand represented on the real estate market by the Kovalska Industrial and Construction Group, which has an impeccable reputation as a reliable developer.

Our goal

| Display in the TOP-10 Google commercialized queries by type:
- buy an apartment from the developer
- commercial real estate in new buildings


How we did it


The first stage of work. Internal optimization

Traditionally, the Upturn team started with a technical SEO audit. The main tasks that developers had to implement on the site based on the results of the SEO audit:

  1. Set up 301 redirects from to
  2. Set up an ssl certificate and redirect all pages from http to https.
  3. Increase website loading speed on computers. KPI - 85 points according to Google Page Speed.
  4. Implement micro-markup for elements on the site. Micro markup is the data markup on the page and on the site, which is used to make the Google search bot better recognize the content on the site, thereby increasing the visibility of the site in Google.
  5. Remove the Yandex Metrika code from the site.
  6. Remove links to external resources (websites) that do not belong to the Kovalska group of companies.
  7. Optimize the loading speed of the loader (at the time of the SEO audit, the loading speed was 12-16 seconds).
  8. Minimize the number of irrelevant links. That is, these are links that show a 404 error. For example:
  9. Add a meta description to all pages. That is, each page should have a description that will help it rank better in Google. (Such a description was missing on 96% of the pages at the time of the SEO audit).
  10. Fill in H1 headers on all pages of the site (Absent on all pages at the time of the SEO audit).
  11. Create and update the robots.txt file. This is a file that gives search robots recommendations: which pages / files of your site should be crawled. The robots.txt file must contain every site that is promoted with SEO.

The programmers completed this technical task, bringing the site to optimal performance, which allowed us to move on to the next stage - external promotion.

Second stage of work. External optimization

Kovalska Real Estate is one of the leaders in the construction market in Kyiv. The company's portfolio is dominated by multi-family residential buildings, but there is also a lot of commercial real estate.

The primary task was to bring commercialized queries into the TOP-10 Google by type:

- buy an apartment from the developer

- commercial real estate in new buildings

  • External optimization began with the collection of the semantic core, that is, the keywords that we promote in the TOP.
  • Introduced semantics into the position monitoring service
  • Filling H1 and description on all promoted pages.
  • Integration of Google Search Console and Google Analytics.
  • Link building.
  • Website monitoring for technical errors.
  • Monitoring of positions on the main semantics.

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