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Complex marketing for e-grocery service - Case Study
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Cooker is an online supermarket with the fastest delivery within 30 minutes in Kyiv. The project was founded by the most powerful national meat processing business No. 1 in Ukraine — SMK Group.

Our goals

  • Increasing the number of orders
  • Growing recognition of the project as an online supermarket with the fastest delivery and quality assortment

How we did it

Project briefing

During the briefing with Cooker team and immersion in the project, we came to the conclusion that Cooker's customers can be the vast majority of Kyiv residents. In a big city, we all shop in supermarkets, but at the same time, we don't like to carry heavy packages by ourselves and value our free time very much.

Cooker has a number of key competitive advantages:

  • fastest delivery in Kyiv (30 minutes);
  • free delivery for orders over UAH 250;
  • the best assortment of meat products;
  • fresh supply of meat every day;
  • ecological delivery on electric bikes.

Our strategy

As a result of joint brainstorming with Cooker's marketing team, we developed the following promotion strategy: building brand awareness and maximum reach of potential audience, followed by user segmentation and further interaction in advertising campaigns. We decided to act more like an FMCG than a traditional e-commerce business and put all our efforts into building awareness.

Examples of creatives we used in advertising:

YouTube Ads

  • Cascade launch of three common brand videos with different themes. Each subsequent video was shown only to those users who watched the previous one, thus cementing the general knowledge of the brand. Non-skippable format.
  • Launching category videos that talk about the presence of different categories of products on the site that can be ordered. Non-skippable format.

Video ads

Google Ads

  • Setting up branded search campaigns that showed the highest rate of conversion into a transaction on the site. The strategy of building brand awareness and maximizing reach has worked.
  • Shopping campaigns in Google Merchant Center - launch of search campaigns for product categories - sausages, sausage, as this is a key group of products of SMK Group's own production.
  • Launch of search campaigns for all key queries related to the delivery of products in Kyiv, the second most effective advertising campaign in terms of the rate of conversions into a transaction.
  • Situational remarketing campaigns during the onset of frost, communication message on banners: (see banner).
  • Dynamic Search Ads campaign.

Facebook Ads

The Facebook/Instagram advertising campaign strategy was similarly aimed at building awareness.

  • Advertising campaigns were divided separately on Facebook/Instagram, separate placements and segmented by age categories 18 - 65 years. Common brand videos were used as creatives.
  • Set up retargeting with category video creatives for users who have already visited the site.
  • Situational remarketing campaigns with various profitable offers.

Ads examples:

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