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SEO audit

SEO audit is a comprehensive service that includes a technical audit of the site, analysis of the market and the competitive environment in which you work.
As a result, you will receive a recipe for making your site a friend of Google ;)


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Growth of organic trafficWhen you need a SEO audit

Development of a new site

Very often, when developing a new site, technical SEO requirements are ignored. As a result, it makes it impossible to further promote the site in Google

Google compliance check

The site must meet Google's technical requirements, without which successful SEO promotion of the project is impossible

No result
on SEO

You can spend huge budgets on SEO and not get results. Very often, the reason is the technical inadequacy of the site or an incorrect link building strategy

Checking the SEO agency

This will help you monitor the quality of the services provided, and it is also a "side view" to find new growth points

What is included in a SEO audit


Analysis of competitors

  • Exploring the structure of the site
  • Site Domain Metrics
  • Analysis of search results and positions of the competitor's website
  • Content analysis of competitors
  • Study of the semantic core
  • Analysis of the liquid building strategy
  • Comparison of the mass of links
  • Study of behavioral factors


Technical audit of the site

  • Checking for sanctions from Google
  • Checking the structure of the site for compliance with customer requests
  • URL Optimization/CNC. We will prepare a technical task on how URLs should be generated correctly.
  • Screening the site to check responses from the server
  • Let's configure the "hreflang" attribute for multilingual versions of the site.
  • Technical duplicates of the site
  • Open Graph protocol validation
  • Check for duplicates in the meta tag description
  • Terms of Reference for the development of Robots.txt
  • Sitemap.xml development brief
  • Checking the site code for errors
  • The correctness of using <h1> – <h6>
  • Compliance of the site on Mobile-friendly
  • Checking AMP page settings
  • micro markups
  • Testing the loading speed of all typical pages
  • Analysis of the presence of empty pages unnecessary for users
  • Checking of text spam
  • Relinking
  • Checking the breadcrumb sequence
  • Automatic generation of title, description, h1
  • Checking image optimization
  • Getting the content of the site into the block of quick answers of Google
  • Recommendations for moving
  • Creating a redirect map

Niche/market analysis

  • Analysis of search demand in Google
  • Analysis of TOP competitors
  • Strategies and actions of competitors
  • What methods are used by competitors
  • Due to which you can overtake competitors
  • We evaluate the necessary investments in SEO
  • We estimate the time for which it is possible to achieve the result

Flexible tariffsPrice

Corporate sites

Multi-page B2C and B2B sites with various services or products

1 000 $

For online stores

Classic e-commerce projects with many different categories and product groups

3 000 $

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We like to accompany the project in a comprehensive manner, it is convenient for you, and we, in turn, are responsible for the entire project.

Focus on results

Marketing should be a tool to achieve your company's business goals

Comfortable partner

We treat your business like our own


You will understand in detail what work we perform, why they are needed and what is the use of them.

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